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At Numinous Ways, we strive to create transformative retreat experiences that promote personal growth and self-discovery. However, it is important to understand and acknowledge the following disclaimers:

Facilitators, Not Therapists

While our team consists of mental health professionals, it is crucial to note that during our retreats, we function solely as facilitators, not therapists. We provide guidance, support, and a safe environment for exploration, but our role is not to provide therapy or diagnose mental health conditions. Participants are encouraged to seek professional therapy or counselling if they require therapeutic support. We can provide this pre- and post-retreat through our specialist psychotherapeutic services, or you may choose to acquire your own mental health services. 

Unique and Varied Experiences

Every individual’s psychedelic experience is unique and can vary significantly. We cannot guarantee that every participant will have a breakthrough experience or achieve specific outcomes during the retreat. The nature of psychedelic experiences are subjective and influenced by various factors, including set and setting, individual mindset, and personal circumstances.

No Guarantee of Permanent Fundamental Life Changes

While many individuals report important and transformative experiences during our retreats, it is essential to recognise that lasting life changes are complex and multifaceted and should be approached with proper guidance, and caution. While our programs aim to provide insights and tools for personal growth and deeper connection, we cannot guarantee permanent or enduring positive changes. Continued personal work, skilled integration, and ongoing therapeutic self-reflection is necessary to sustain and build upon the experiences gained in order to see true, gradual change.

Research and Legal Considerations

Psychedelics are a growing field of scientific research, and while promising, they are still being studied and understood. Numinous Ways operates within legal frameworks and adheres to ethical guidelines. However, it is important to recognise that more research is required to fully comprehend the potential benefits, risks, and long-term effects of psychedelic substances. Participants should be aware of and respect the legal and regulatory considerations pertaining to psychedelic use. By participating in our retreats, individuals acknowledge and accept these disclaimers, understanding that their experiences and outcomes are subject to individual variability and ongoing research in the field of psychedelics. We are dedicated to providing a supportive and transformative environment, but it is important for participants to take responsibility for their well-being and seek appropriate professional assistance when needed. If you would like more information on the therapeutic and integration services we offer, please click below.

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