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NUMINOUS adj. /ˈnuːmɪnəs/ A term derived from the Latin numen, meaning "arousing spiritual emotion; mysterious or awe-inspiring."

In modern life, the transcendent and sacred aspects of existence often seem to be overlooked or diminished. The fast-paced and materialistic nature of contemporary society, with its emphasis on technology, consumerism, and rationality, can sometimes lead to a reductionist worldview that disregards or neglects the more mysterious dimensions of life. Many people may find themselves disconnected from a sense of awe, wonder, and reverence towards the deeper layers of existence, as the focus on material wealth, achievements, and external distractions can overshadow numinous or transcendent experiences. The hyper-competitive and individualistic nature of modern society may also foster a sense of isolation or emptines. The absence of the numinous in modern life can result in a sense of loss, longing, or existential emptiness, as individuals may yearn for deeper meaning, purpose, and a sense of the sacred in their daily lives.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance to recognise and nurture our relationship to the numinous aspects of human experience. At Numinous Ways we want to help you find methods and techniques to cultivate a deeper connection with the sacred dimensions of existence and balance them with the complexities and challenges of modern life.

The Numinous Way

The Numinous Way is a philosophical and psychological framework which describes a particular approach towards understanding and engaging with the mysteries of existence and connecting it with the ordinary. It is a mindset that seeks to explore and appreciate the deeper dimensions of reality beyond what is observable or measurable.

The Numinous Way encompasses elements of various traditions and contemplative practices that emphasise a direct experience of the transcendent. It involves deep exploration of psyche, shadow integration work, various methods of mediation, and self-enquiry, as well as engagement with community.

The Numinous Way calls for a sense of curiosity, openness, and humility towards the the unknowable, and a willingness to engage in thorough contemplation on the sacred aspects of your deepest nature and your place in existence.

However, our philosophy also recognises the limitations of human understanding in the face of the Numinous, honouring a sense of respect and awe towards the larger web of reality as a whole.

Living the Numinous Way

The Numinous Way of life involves engaging in practices that foster a deenening of inner experience, shadow integration, mindfulness, and self-enquiry. We use various tools to help you cultivate a rich connection to the sacred such as,  psychedelic experiences, contemplative practices, bodywork, breathwork, creative expression, engaging in acts of kindness and service to others, and being in community.

The Numinous Way can also provide a valuable framework for individuals and communities seeking to create a more sustainable and equitable relationship with the natural world. By cultivating a sense of connection to a greater reality that transcends the individual ego and encompasses all of existence, there can be a development of a greater sense of compassion and empathy for others. Individuals can become more aware of the impact their actions have on the world around them and take steps to create a more sustainable future.

This can inspire people to make lifestyle changes that are more sustainable, such as reducing consumption, recycling, and using renewable resources. Additionally, groupwork and community-building practices can foster a sense of collective responsibility for environmental sustainability and inspire individuals to take action to protect the planet.

The Numinous Way is a recognition that there is more to life than just our individual experiences, desires, and goals, and that we are all part of a larger whole.

Our framework is designed  to help you recognise the sacred within yourself as well as the world around you. Helping you to find a deeper sense of meaning and connection to your most authentic self and others.

Four Pillars of the Numinous Way of Life

The Numinous Way framework encompasses four essential pillars that guide individuals towards a more fulfilling and meaningful life. These pillars are interconnected and offer a holistic approach to bridging the trancendent with the ordinary. By incorporating these four pillars into our lives, we embark on a pivotal journey towards a more meaningful, healthy, awe-inspired, and mortality-conscious existence. 

Meaningful Life

At its core, life is about fulfilment, meaning, and purpose. It’s about discovering our passions, pursuing our interests, and finding our unique path in the world. It’s about embracing the joys and challenges that come our way and learning from them to grow and evolve as individuals.

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Awe and the Sublime

In a world characterised by routine and familiarity, awe reminds us of the boundless wonders and possibilities that exist beyond our everyday perceptions. It invites us to approach life with a sense of wonder, curiosity, and reverence, and to embrace the awe-inspiring beauty and mystery that surrounds us. Awe is a reminder of the nature of existence itself, and a gateway to a deeper, more interconnected, and more meaningful experience of life.


Health is a fundamental aspect of human well-being, encompassing not only our physical state, but also our mental, emotional, and spiritual states. It is the foundation upon which we build our lives and pursue our dreams, and it plays a crucial role in our ability to thrive and flourish.

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Embracing Mortality

Death is a profound transition, marking the end of life as we know it and ushering us into the unknown. It is a moment of profound mystery, as it represents the ultimate frontier of human understanding. It can be a time of reflection, introspection, and contemplation about the meaning and purpose of life, our beliefs, our relationships, and our legacy.

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The Numinous Way On Our Retreats

On our retreats, we strive to create an immersive and transformative experience that encompasses the four pillars of the Numinous Way framework. We curate an environment where participants can explore and cultivate a meaningful life by engaging in reflective practices, deepening their self-awareness, and connecting with their passions and purpose. We prioritise the well-being and health of our participants, providing nourishing meals, opportunities for movement and exercise, and spaces for rest and rejuvenation. Through guided experiences and encounters with the natural world, we invite moments of awe and wonder, allowing participants to tap into the profound beauty and interconnectedness of existence. Lastly, we create a safe and supportive space for participants to engage in conversations and reflections on mortality, encouraging them to embrace their own impermanence and make the most of their lives. By integrating these pillars into our retreats, we offer a transformative journey that empowers individuals to embrace their full potential, live authentically, and cultivate a more meaningful and purposeful life.

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