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Welcome to Numinous Ways

At Numinous Ways, we warmly invite you to explore our unique retreat programmes, crafted with love to guide you on a beautiful journey of self-discovery. Our caring experts blend psychotherapy and psychedelic experiences, helping you connect deeply with the wonders of life and find a sense of awe and connection. We're here to support your path to uncovering life's profound mysteries and embracing a world filled with meaning and wonder.

Dr Christoph P. Zwolan
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Our Services

Numinous Ways is dedicated to supporting you on your journey, whether it’s overcoming challenges, deepening your practice, or exploring new aspects of yourself. We believe in your potential to experience the numinous and are committed to helping you live a fulfilling and meaningful life.

What is the Numinous Way of Life?

The numinous way is a mindset that recognizes the inherent mystery, awe, and wonder of life, and seeks to explore and appreciate the deeper dimensions of reality beyond what is observable or measurable. Through numinous practices, such as psychedelic experiences, mindfulness or other contemplative practices, bodywork, breathwork, creative expression, individuals can develop a greater sense of connection to the natural world and a deeper appreciation for its beauty and complexity.

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Meaningful Life

At its core, life is about fulfilment, meaning, and purpose. It’s about discovering our passions, pursuing our interests, and finding our unique path in the world. It’s about embracing the joys and challenges that come our way and learning from them to grow and evolve as individuals.

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Awe and the Sublime

In a world characterised by routine and familiarity, awe reminds us of the boundless wonders and possibilities that exist beyond our everyday perceptions. It invites us to approach life with a sense of wonder, curiosity, and reverence, and to embrace the awe-inspiring beauty and mystery that surrounds us.

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Health is a fundamental aspect of human well-being, encompassing not only our physical state, but also our mental, emotional, and spiritual states. It is the foundation upon which we build our lives and pursue our dreams, and it plays a crucial role in our ability to thrive and flourish.

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Embracing Mortality

Death is a profound transition, marking the end of life as we know it and ushering us into the unknown. It is a moment of profound mystery and awe, as it represents the ultimate frontier of human understanding. It can be a time of reflection, introspection, and contemplation about the meaning and purpose of life, our beliefs, our relationships, and our legacy.

Your Journey with Numinous Ways

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These remarkable results obtained from the MEQ-30 assessments indicate that an overwhelming 84% of participants reported having mystical experiences during our retreats.


As a first-timer in the world of psychedelics, I couldn’t have asked for a better introduction. For anyone looking to embark on a spiritual or psychedelic journey, I cannot recommend Numinous Ways enough.


I am so grateful to the facilitators for holding the most beautiful space during the retreat, and for creating a truly memorable experience. Their warm, nurturing presence and support for the journeys made the whole group feel welcome and safe. 


The facilitators work beautifully well together and expertly with retreat participants. Their warmth and complementarity suffuse reassuringly assured support with gentle vibes of mindful intention.

N. D.

The facilitators’ guidance during the psychedelic sessions was nothing short of exceptional. They skilfully created a sacred space where I felt completely comfortable and able to explore the depths of my consciousness.

Alex R.

I couldn’t have asked for a more professional, supportive and loving environment for what is an extremely profound experience. I will return, and I have recommended it to family and friends!

Jamie,49 – UK

Truly transformative experience that made me realise the vastness of my mind and a sense of calm perspective. The facilitators went above and beyond to make sure that we gained lasting impact from the experience.

Hannah Y.

One of the best experiences of my life.

Jamie Lindsay

I felt secure and supported throughout my psychedelic journey, fostering deep self-reflection and insight.

Rafal, 40

Upcoming Events

psychedelic retreats
28 September
meq 30

Closed Retreat for PsyEdu students 28/09/2024

Date 28 September 2024-3 October 2024
Immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of the Netherlands with our six-day retreat. It’s a journey designed to rejuvenate your soul, broaden your awareness, and provide a haven for personal…
06 October

Double Ceremony, 6 day Retreat in Portugal 06/10/2024

Date 6 October 2024-11 October 2024
Cost £2650
Your six-day journey of self-discovery awaits near the charming city of Faro, Portugal. Here, you'll delve deep into the realms of consciousness, guided by skilled mentors and surrounded by individuals who share your quest for understanding.
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While our team consists of mental health professionals, it is crucial to note that during our retreats, we function solely as facilitators, not therapists. We provide guidance, support, and a safe environment for psychedelic experiences, but our role is not to provide therapy or diagnose mental health conditions. Participants are encouraged to seek professional therapy or counselling if they require therapeutic support. We can provide this pre and post retreat through our specialist psychotherapeutic services, or you may choose to acquire your own mental health services. We also cannot guarantee breakthrough experiences or permanent fundamental life changes, as every individual's journey is unique. Further research into psychedelics is necessary to fully understand their effects. For full disclaimer and outlines of responsibility, please click below.

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