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NUMINOUS adj. /ˈnuːmɪnəs/ A term derived from the Latin numen, meaning "arousing spiritual emotion; mysterious or awe-inspiring."

Client Testimonials

What our participants think of our psychedelic retreats. From the transformative journeys in our private retreats to the shared discoveries in our group sessions, each story sheds light on the profound impact and personal growth our attendees have encountered. These testimonials not only highlight the unique aspects of our retreats but also illustrate the supportive and enriching environment we strive to create for every individual.

My experience with Numinous Ways was beautifully life-changing and transformative. I wholeheartedly recommend this experience and the loving team to everyone. Before the retreat, the team ensured everything was taken care of logistically and they were always available and open to answering questions and ensuring that we would be heading off to the retreat feeling safe and ready. The retreat itself was the most significant time of my life. The unmatched dedication of the team to help in our healing/growth along with their deeply loving and caring nature allowed me to process and heal so much more than I could have ever imagined. I feel reborn, I finally feel like myself again, at peace and whole. I really couldn’t have reached this point without Numinous Ways. The activities (e.g. meditation and free dance) were carefully crafted to help us along our journeys and complimented the ceremonies beautifully. The highly experienced, professional and loving facilitators are like no other, so much so that I would only go on future retreats with them. Their genuine care about our journeys and healing and their unmatched knowledge and guidance is heartwarming, providing a safe and loving space for true transformation. They even provided incredible aftercare post-retreat, making me feel heard and so incredibly looked after. Whether you’re just looking to explore, or you’ve got a specific challenge you’d like to work through in mind, I truly could not recommend Numinous Ways enough.

Amber Madden

My recent retreat experience with Numinous Ways was high amongst the BEST of my life! A mind-blowing, incredible and healing week in Portugal with a wonderful group of humble, mindful, courageous, discerning folk from all over the world. The professional team are warm & welcoming, highly capable, inspiring, incredibly caring, hard working, and dedicated to enabling deeply meaningful and profound experiences. I wholeheartedly recommend them for your first psychedelic therapeutic retreat, or to develop further if you are a seasoned psychonaut. You will be treated carefully and held safely by some very special souls.

Cassie Mercer

The retreat has totally exceeded my expectations. The setting was amazing. Safe comfortable rooms, delicious meals, good balance of activities and down time.
The facilitators were incredible. Their knowledge, expertise and kindness made me feel so safe and so looked after at all times.
Everyone in the group was kind, inspiring and respectful.
I was nervous when embarking on this journey but I came back feeling very peaceful, worthy and energised.

Most amazingly I have overcome something that I had been fighting for 10+ years! I am mind-blown and so grateful.

I totally encourage anyone wanting or needing a change in their life to reach out to Numinous Ways. They have been incredible.

Chloe Robinson

The facilitators work beautifully well together and expertly with retreat participants. Their warmth and complementarity suffuse reassuringly assured support with gentle vibes of mindful intention.

N. D.

One of the best experiences of my life.

Jamie Lindsay

I am so grateful to the facilitators for holding the most beautiful space during the retreat, and for creating a truly memorable experience. Their warm, nurturing presence and support for the journeys made the whole group feel welcome and safe. 


I couldn’t have asked for a more professional, supportive and loving environment for what is an extremely profound experience. I will return, and I have recommended it to family and friends!

Jamie,49 – UK

The facilitators’ guidance during the psychedelic sessions was nothing short of exceptional. They skilfully created a sacred space where I felt completely comfortable and able to explore the depths of my consciousness.

Alex R.

As a first-timer in the world of psychedelics, I couldn’t have asked for a better introduction. For anyone looking to embark on a spiritual or psychedelic journey, I cannot recommend Numinous Ways enough.


Truly transformative experience that made me realise the vastness of my mind and a sense of calm perspective. The facilitators went above and beyond to make sure that we gained lasting impact from the experience.

Hannah Y.

I felt secure and supported throughout my psychedelic journey, fostering deep self-reflection and insight.

Rafal, 40

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