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Introduction, Intentions, and Numinous Welcome

ONLINE NY, United Kingdom

This month we kick off with our first NW workshop, providing an overview of the purpose and goals of the preparation group. We’ll also tackle interesting questions about what the Numinous is, and how we all experience it in our own individual lives, exploring ideas about what it means to live a more Numinous existence…


Mindset, Integration, and Numinous Philosophy

ONLINE NY, United Kingdom

This month we want to invite you to practise surrender and dive into what it means to cultivate a supportive mindset as we explore meditation, mindfulness, self-reflection, and other powerful practices of introspection. This workshop is framed around the guiding philosophy of Numinous Ways, which embraces personal growth and the integration of psychedelic experiences into…


Emotional and Psychological Preparation

ONLINE NY, United Kingdom

This month's workshop is all about the emotional and psychological aspects of the psychedelic journey. We’ll be talking about all the many strategies for navigating anxiety, fear, and challenging emotions that may arise during your psychedelic experience. We will also explore the therapeutic benefits of psychedelics for conditions like depression, anxiety, and trauma, and hold…


Creating Supportive Environments and Numinous Community

This month, we will be exploring the power of a safe and supportive environment for your psychedelic journey. Discussions will be framed around best practices for selecting the perfect setting, and understanding the importance of set and setting considerations. We will be looking at the different ways in which we can foster a sense of…


Psychedelics and Sexuality: Towards Healing, Understanding, and Connection

In this Numinous Ways workshop we will be exploring two of society’s most stigmatised topics: sex and psychedelics. Though the course of the evening we will be navigating our way through the intersection of sex, sexuality and psychedelics. Within a safe and respectful space, we will explore how psychedelics can deepen our understanding of our sexual identity, that they can be used to address sexual trauma and healing and how we can integrate psychedelic experiences into the journey of recovery. 

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