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NUMINOUS adj. /ˈnuːmɪnəs/ A term derived from the Latin numen, meaning "arousing spiritual emotion; mysterious or awe-inspiring."


Our monthly Numinous Ways workshops offer insightful discussions on psychedelics and numinous experiences, led by our expert facilitators and special guests. These sessions are a fantastic opportunity to meet our retreat team, ask questions, and address any concerns about psychedelic and numinous experiences. You’ll also connect with others who share your interests, including past and potential future retreat attendees. Each workshop includes a lecture or presentation on that month’s topic, interactive activities, and a Q&A session to explore any questions you have. We warmly invite you to join these free workshops.


Numinous Ways: Dialogues

Join us at Numinous Ways for our monthly online group sessions, where newcomers and seasoned explorers alike can delve into the world of psychedelic experiences. Held from 6:00 to 7:30 PM on the last Sunday of each month, these sessions provide a confidential and supportive environment to discuss, prepare for, and reflect upon the transformative journey of psychedelics.

Psychedelics and Nature with Dr Duncan Still

Join Dr Duncan Still as he explores the connections between psychedelics and nature. Learn how natural settings enhance psychedelic experiences, how psychedelics change our relationship with nature, and the broader benefits for society and the planet. Discover the potential of psychedelics to drive social change, improve mental health, and promote ecological awareness.

The Entity Encounter in Psychedelic Experience with Dr David Luke

Join Dr. David Luke as he delves into the phenomenon of entity encounters within psychedelic experiences. In this insightful talk, Dr. Luke will explore how psychedelics lead to vivid interactions with non-human entities, a subject extensively covered in his book "Otherworlds." These encounters, often deeply personal and spiritually significant, challenge our conventional understanding of reality and consciousness. Dr. Luke will discuss cultural interpretations, psychological mechanisms, and the transformative impacts of these experiences, providing an overview that blends scientific research with cross-cultural perspectives. Don't miss this chance to understand the mystical journeys facilitated by psychedelics.

Nature, Ecopsychotherapy, and Psychedelics: Exploring Healing Connections

This month, we explore the synergy of Nature connection, Ecopsychotherapy, and psychedelics, focusing on their role in indigenous healing, systemic nature views, and soulful initiation. We'll discuss Eco Systemic psychotherapy's tools for psychedelic navigation and ecological crisis insights.

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