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Harnessing Psychedelics for Complex Trauma Recovery

Article Title: “Using a MDMA and LSD Group Therapy Model in Clinical Practice in Switzerland and Highlighting the Treatment of Trauma-Related Disorders”

Authors: Peter Oehen and Peter Gasser

Publication Date: 2022

DOI: 10.3389/fpsyt.2022.863552


This study explores an innovative approach using MDMA and LSD in group therapy settings to treat patients with severe, treatment-resistant trauma-related disorders in Switzerland. The use of psychedelics in therapy, under strict controls and in professional settings, offers a new hope for those who have not responded well to traditional methods.


Study Overview

The study was conducted in a clinical setting without rigid research ambitions, focusing purely on therapeutic outcomes. Psychedelics, with MDMA in the initial phases followed by LSD, were administered in a controlled group therapy environment to enhance emotional processing and trauma recovery.

Key Findings

Patients experienced significant improvements in emotional regulation, relationship dynamics, and trauma processing. The therapy was found to be safe with no serious adverse events, and it showed promise in treating chronic complex post-traumatic stress disorder (c-PTSD) and other trauma-related conditions.


The integration of MDMA and LSD into therapeutic protocols allowed for deeper emotional engagement and facilitated a more robust therapeutic alliance between patients and therapists. The study’s findings highlight the potential of psychedelics to act as powerful catalysts in psychological healing processes.

MDMA Group Therapy


This approach could revolutionise the treatment landscape for patients suffering from severe trauma-related disorders, offering new pathways to healing where traditional therapies have failed.

Potential Application

The model presents a potential application in other therapeutic settings, suggesting that similar benefits could be achieved in broader clinical practices pending further research and regulatory approval.


The study underscores the importance of innovative approaches in psychiatry and the potential of psychedelics to provide significant therapeutic benefits in the treatment of complex mental health conditions.



Oehen, P., & Gasser, P. (2022). Using a MDMA and LSD group therapy model in clinical practice in Switzerland and highlighting the treatment of trauma-related disorders. Frontiers in Psychiatry, 13, 863552.

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